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A) Portable axle scale with high accuracy; Well Calibrated in factory as FS-30t;
B) Two pads of 3mL(or 2.3mL)*0.75mW*0.15mH;
C) Four extry-exit ramps of 0.5mL*0.75mW*0.15mH;
D) Four pieces of KYLOWEIGH LOAD CELL model KWLC-B70;
E) 24 units to load in 20GP.
Our axle scales, could be combined to any 3m longer portable weighbridge, most popular combinations are:
1) 5m weighbridge, 30t----2.5m weighing pads plus 2.5m weighing pads;
2) 8m weighbridge, 50t----3m weighing pads plus 2m connnecting bridge plus 3m weighing pads;
3) 12m weighbridge, 60t---2.5m weighing pads plus 2.25m connecting bridge plus 2.5m weighing pads plus 2.25m connecting bridge plus 2.5m weighing pads.

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  • KYLOWEIGH 3075-30T
  • KYLOWEIGH AX-30752075

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