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If you or your friends are running feeding plants of pigs, sheeps, cattles, horses or other livestocks, welcome to our animal auto weighing system Model KWAAW-201715. 

What were installed for pig plants are all with Stainless Steel 316 material, size 2.0mL*0.89mW*1.4mH, with infrared curtain to sense the pigs's entry and exit, to control the doors' open and close, to exchange the signals with weighing indicator.

Before weighing, the front door is open to welcome the first pig, the rear door is closed, when the pig 1 is coming on the weighing platform, the front door will close to prevent next pig coming, and  indicator will get the steady weight within 1-2s, then auto store the single weight, quantity, then rear door will auto open for exit. After the infrared curtain sense nothing even tail, the rear door will close and the front door will open for weighing next.

The indicator will send the records of total weight, total qty, each weight, average weight, max. weight, and min.weight to pad apps and PC FTP.

Managers will check and supervise all the data via mobile app easily.     

After one by one weighing, system will give a report of variety breeding, gene research, sow gene comparison and other data report to assist future running. 

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